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Stydall Pty Limited is the parent company of Executive Collections (ABN: 79 003 788 538) and Executive Credit Services Pty Ltd (ABN: 34 162 366 038). Stydall Pty Limited prides itself on being a wholly Australian owned and operated Company. A major benefit to our clients is that there is no influence to our policies or procedures by external investors or interests.

Executive Collections has operated successfully since 1987 in the commercial field of debt recovery, and for Local Governments since 1991. During these years we have continued highly successful relationships with our clients as the Collection Agency of choice.

Executive Collections Legal Services Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stydall Pty Ltd. This firm has specialised in debt recovery for many years and brings all the expertise necessary to expedite any legal proceedings pertaining to Debt Recovery. Executive Collections Legal Services Pty Ltd and Executive Collections occupy the same offices, ensuring clients of fast and efficient legal collaboration for time critical matters. 

Liability limited by a Scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. Legal Practitioners employed by Executive Collections Legal Services Pty Ltd are members of the scheme.

Executive Credit Services Pty Ltd Australian Credit Licence # 435679 was established in 2013 to enable Stydall Pty Limited to become an accredited Debt Purchaser. Executive Credit Services funds all purchases and does not rely on Banks or 3rd Party Finance which enables Executive Credit Services to actively participate in desired debt sales.

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Debt Recovery - Commercial

Collecting outstanding accounts for a large commercial client base since 1987 has been the core business activity for Executive Collections...

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Debt Recovery - Local Government

Commencing with New South Wales Local Councils in 1991 and Victorian in 2019 this division of our business has grown to encompass various New South Wales and Victorian state...

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Legal Recovery

Comprising 2 Solicitors and 2 support staff, this firm has specialised in debt recovery for many years and brings all the expertise necessary...

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Skip Tracing

The action of skip tracing is an art. At Executive Collections we utilise the latest tools and work in accordance of the ASIC & ACCC Debt Collection...

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Credit Reporting

Credit reporting is an excellent tool to assist in the decision of which clients to give credit to and which clients to be cautious with...

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Rural Services

With full time agents roaming all of NSW and beyond, there is no job out of reach. With a range of clients from Sydney to...

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Why Us?

• Executive Collections have been operating as specialist Debt Recovery business since 1987 and Local Government since 1991.
• At present Executive Collections has more than 2000 clients including 26 Local Councils.
• Executive Collections has never been subject to any negative press while completing its operations.
• Outperformed competitors when completing "Champion Challenges".

• Executive Collections clients are provided with interactive web-enabled access to their accounts for advice of payments, lodgement of file notes and queries.
• Utilising the latest technology in web development, Executive Collections online system is now capable of producing reports to monitor the status of all matters, keep track of payments & arrangements quickly and easily in an "Adobe Acrobat" or "Microsoft Excel" format.
• Executive Collections staff use the system to correspond with clients on individual files in regards to payment arrangements, queries, disputes, advice of new addresses, next actions and the status or results of field calls.
• Executive Collections' current on-line system is subject to continued and ongoing review and improvement in line with its strategy of internal improvements.


Frank Fodor

J.P. M.I.C.M.
Managing Director / Owner

Frank is the Master Licence holder and has been in the debt recovery field in excess of 31 years, is the NSW President of the Institute of Mercantile Agents and is a 25 year member of the Australian Institute of Credit Management.

Karl Balian


Karl has been the main solicitor acting on behalf of Executive Collections since 1996. Karl has spent the last 17 years with Executive Collections focussing only on the field of collections. This has allowed Karl to develop experience and knowledge which is industry specific and very beneficial.

Michael Fodor

General Manager

Michael has been with Executive Collections since 2000. Moving up through various roles in the company during his employment has allowed Michael to learn various roles in detail. Michael is a licensed CAPI Operator. Michael holds various certificates and qualification in Debt Recovery, Skip Tracing, Repossession and IT.

+61 2 9630 6844

1300 699 151

Suite 1, Level 1
410 Church Street
Parramatta NSW 2150

333 Collins Street
Melbourne 3000


Frank Fodor
0418 216 843

Executive Collections
CAPI Master License: 409379573

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