It is the intention of Executive Collections to maintain the relationship between the client and debtor by working through individual debtor issues.
Executive Collections have developed over 26 years, a brand within the Receivables Management industry that:
• carriers no negative public exposure
• encompasses a high level of commitment to both our clients and our industry
• While we endeavour to work with each debtor to resolve any issue, we do need to recover the debts and have in place a structured recovery process to maximize results.

Code of

As a member of the Institute of Mercantile Agents and having accepted its Code of Ethics, I accept that I have a responsibility to conduct my business in an honest and fair manner and that I will honour my commitment to fellow members and clients alike.

• I undertake to provide efficient and effective service in all areas which have been designated as covered by the agency.
• I undertake to provide all those services which have been clearly advertised as performed by the agency.
• I undertake to accept no gratuities from clients which may be perceived as impairing the provision of an efficient and effective service.
• I undertake not to represent my agency, utilising either stationary or any inference as being a law firm or a solicitor.
• I undertake to make monthly settlement of clients accounts or as determined by a mutual agreement with the client
• I undertake to honour all agreements made with the individual clients and to exercise prudent business practice in the exercising of these agreements.
• I undertake to protect the interests of my clients and will give prompt and diligent attention to all matters received.
• I undertake to initiate clients' instructions in a prompt and diligent manner, providing such instructions are reasonable and legitimate.
• I undertake to be selective, where possible, in accepting instructions from firms or individuals who may engage in questionable activities.
• I undertake not to speak disparagingly about fellow members and their business activities.
• I undertake not to supply an opinion on matters in which the clients' best interest will be served by referral to an appropriate legal person or law firm

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Frank Fodor
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Executive Collections
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